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With over five decades of continuous contribution, the Kukreja's are today, a class by themselves in the building industry in and around Mumbai. For Kukreja’s construction is a crusade for creating environment. New Bombay, the neonucleus of business activity owes the freshness of its fascinating, new face, to a great extent, to this creative Kukreja spirit.

Kukreja Constructions has successfully completed about 1250 projects within Mumbai & Navi Mumbai of Residential, Industrial and Commercial kind. The group has the Goodwill, technical strength as well as financial capacity are perhaps unmatched.

Kukreja Group was founded by Late Mr. Tolaram M. Kukreja in 1947 and currently is professionally managed by Kukreja family under the leadership of Mr. Mohan T. Kukreja and Mr. Sunil T. Kukreja.

Chief Managing Director
Mr. Mohan Kukreja
Mr. Mohan Kukreja, CMD of our company is 55 years old and has more than three decades of experience in the construction and real estate industry. He is a graduate and a well- known figure in the industry- being the past President of Navi Mumbai Land Developers Association.
He is widely considered as an authority on building laws, rules & regulations of the reality sector. With foresight, leadership and deep knowledge of the Industry, Mr. Mohan Kukreja leads light to the Group.
He is primarily responsible for the growth of the reality sector as well as all other sectors of the group .
Managing Director
Mr. Sunil Kukreja

Mr. Sunil Kukreja, MD aged 48 years is responsible for the management of financial, administration and marketing functions of the Group. He is a commerce graduate, has done Diploma in Business Management and is well-versed in the dynamics of the construction industry.

He has over two decades of experience in the industry and is widely regarded as a man of vision and integrity. Apart from the growth of the Reality Sector, He is primarily instrumental in diversifying the Kukreja Group’s forays into hospitality and large format retail (malls) segments.

Kukreja Construction Company. Laalasis, Plot No.219, 11th Road, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 071.
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